335.0 Selection

Step 4 Select Work

Having evaluated all of the necessary work and the credible opportunities and initiatives, the next step is to produce a shorter list of portfolio components from the work done in the previous Steps. The prioritization of this list may almost be self evident, but Prioritization is a separate Step in PortfolioStep. At this point, for each of the components brought forward, you should have a Value Proposition document.

As a result of this Step you will end up with a list of categorized, evaluated and selected portfolio components, together with a set of recommendations for subsequent Steps. The question is, other than when you first introduce PortfolioStep, when should you assemble all of this data?

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335.1 Portfolio Work Selection Timing

335.2 Firm-Up Value Propositions

335.3 Create Business Cases

335.4 Review the Value Propositions and Business Cases

335.9 Techniques

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