360.0 Portfolio Reporting & Review

Step 9 Report on Portfolio Status

Portfolio reporting and review deals largely with three main components:

  • Measure the results. Within a portfolio there are a larger number of stakeholders to deal with than when just managing a single project. The status of the work in a portfolio needs to be gathered (metrics) and distributed frequently amongst all interested parties.

  • Integrate changes. Managing a portfolio is a fluid process. Often work might not go as planned for one reason or another. The ability to “roll with the punches” is a must for a portfolio manager, and being able to integrate changes seamlessly is a large part of that.

  • Review and reforecast the work. As seen in the two previous components, a portfolio manager must be constantly reviewing and making the necessary changes to the portfolio work.

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360.1 Measure the Results of Portfolio Work

360.2 Integrate Changes to Authorized Work

360.3 Review and Reforecast the Portfolio Work (Internal Portfolio Managers)

360.9 Techniques

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