This page contains PortfolioStep templates, as well as downloadable documents containing the entire PortfolioStep process. These templates are for licensed users.

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  The following templates and downloads are available for licensed users.
310.0 Portfolio Definition
310.0 Organization Definition Checklist
320.1 Current State Assessment
320.1.1.1 Application Inventory
320.3.2.1 Staffing Strategy
320.2 Future State Vision
320.2 SWOT Analysis
320.9 Business Requirement Report
320.8 Assessment Interview Questions
330.0 Business Plan
330.1.1 Detailed Gap - Detailed
330.1.2 Gap Analysis - Summary
330.2 Initial Work Selection
330.4 Value Proposition (Preliminary and Final)
340.2 Business Case
340.2 Project Effort and Cost Estimating Model
340.5 Consolidated Work Summary
360.1 Portfolio Staffing Plan
360.1.1 Request for Fill Open Position
360.2 Portfolio Work Schedule
360.2 Portfolio Resource Requirements
360.3 Status Meeting Minutes
360.3 Project Planning Compliance Checklist
360.3 Project Plan
360.4 Project Scorecard
360.6.1 Quality Assurance Checklist
360.6.2 QA Checklist for Outsourced Projects
360.6 Project Status Report I
360.6 Project Status Report II
360.6 Consolidated Portfolio Status Report - Narrative
360.6 Consolidated Project Status Report I
360.8 Documenting a Policy
360.8 Process Improvement Log
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